Cummins Onan Generators

RALCO recommends the Cummins residential standby generator for the comfort, security and convenience they delivery during power outages. The Cummins Onan product line offers over 50 models fueled either by LP or natural gas, covered by a 5 year standard or 2000 hour limited warranty. RALCO experienced staff will help you assess your needs, from powering up a few appliance to sizing up a generator for your whole house.

How the system works

  1. Transfer switch monitors voltage coming from utility
  2. Transfer switch senses when utility power fails or drops below an acceptable level (brown out), and sends a signal to start the generator
  3. Transfer switch automatically disconnects the utility power from the electrical circuits in your home, and reconnects them to the generator
  4. Generator continues to supply electrical power to your home until utility power is restored
  5. Transfer switch senses when the utility power is restored, automatically disconnects the generator from your home circuits, and reconnects the utility power
  6. The Cummins Onan Generating system automatically re-sets itself for the next power outage

Internet/email monitoring

The Cummins Onan monitoring system can be programmed to send you or RALCO an email if service or maintenance is required. Generator status is accessible from the internet after the required network set up is completed.

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Our service area covers eastern and central Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Island – Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket – Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire and Maine.