Massachusetts & Rhode Island Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractor Services

Our team of estimators, project managers, safety officers, foremen, electricians, and apprentices have the expertise, equipment, and technical know-how to complete any project, from large-scale multi-site operations to ground-up construction or renovation in single buildings. Our decades of experience are attested by numerous contracts with plants, facilities, and utilities.

Our technicians are available to facilities in the following regions:

  • Eastern and central Massachusetts
  • Cape Cod and the Islands
  • Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, and Maine.

Industries Served

We offer our expertise and services to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional customers including businesses and organizations in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • State and Municipal Governments
  • General Contractors
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospitality
  • Property Management
  • Distributors

Electrical services

Ground Resistance Testing

Ground resistance testing, meant to ensure safe working conditions for plant personnel by detecting and preventing electrical hazards, is required annually per MSHA regulations and affects plants with stone crushing operations. Our AEMC earth ground resistance testing service makes certain that you are complying with all of these regulations.

Electric Motors

We troubleshoot and repair motors and drives using specialized diagnostic equipment. We rewind motors of all sizes and types, provide computerized dynamic balancing and vibration analysis, and perform motor and pump alignments.

High Voltage

We offer high voltage electrical services and maintenance on all types of switchgear, unit substations, oil circuit breakers, voltage regulators, high voltage disconnect switches, transformers and transfer switches.

Card Access Security Systems

We install security systems such as card access points, fire alarms and surveillance cameras.

Construction services

We provide a tailored project management approach to fit your specific needs whether they’re design/build, commercial, institutional, municipal, industrial or residential.

RALCO employees are trained in telecommunications, fiber optics turnkey installations including engineering and design/build capabilities.

We work with general contractors to provide a broad range of electrical services during ground up construction projects, renovations and restorations.

Our project experience

In our more than 25 years in business, we successfully completed a broad range of projects, many of them award-winning:

  • Hawthorn Medical, Dartmouth, MA
    Ground up construction of the Ambulatory Surgical Center and Cancer Center
  • Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
    Administration building
  • Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA
    Security system
  • Silver Lake Pump Station, Brockton, MA
    Service and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Mount Hope Bay Interceptor, Tiverton, RI
    Four new pump stations
  • Shaw’s Market, Dartmouth, MA
    Ground up construction
  • Emerald Square Mall, North Attleboro, MA
    Fire alarm retrofit
  • Hampton Inn, Middletown, RI
  • One Beacon Insurance, Canton, MA
    Complete renovation
  • Electro Chemical Power, Raynham, MA
    Ground up construction
  • Tilcon Capaldi, Warwick, RI, Swansea, Acushnet, MA
    Three new asphalt and sand processing plants
  • Bardon Trimount, Sandwich, Saugus, MA
    Two new asphalt processing plants
  • Cumming Corporation, Stoughton, MA
    Tank Farm and Processing
  • Calico Warehouse, Taunton, MA
    Office and Warehouse Space
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RALCO Electric holds the following licenses:

Master License Numbers:
MA A13502 – RI AC00138 – NH 10385M – ME MS60019829 – VT EM-4939

Commercial Generator Sales & Services
Cummins Onan and Kohler

Manufacturing companies may put a contract at risk when their shops grind to a halt. Critical services such as healthcare providers, data centers, and telecommunication companies endanger not only their own services but those of their clients the minute they go dark. In each of these cases, a standby commercial generator will keep the business running at full power until the local utility restores service.

We offer planned maintenance agreements that keep your generator in top running condition as well as 24/7 emergency service.

Solar and Wind Power

Solar panels and wind turbines are a strong complement (or even an alternative) to the electric grid or gas supply.

Here in Massachusetts, recently enacted green energy policies promote green buildings and green communities, and make grants and subsidies to commercial and municipal projects.

Residential alternative power installations are also eligible for energy grants, and owners of wind turbines and solar-generated power can sell their excess electricity into the grid (net-metering) at favorable rates for installations of up to 2 megawatts.

We offer comprehensive services for the installation of alternative power solutions, including sales, installation, and maintenance of solar panels and wind turbines.

Thermographic Electrical Inspections

We provide infrared thermography inspections of electrical switchboards. This service assists building owners and facility managers in detecting hot spots and loose connections in a non-destructive, non-contact, and cost-efficient manner.

Machinery repairs

We know that manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities can’t afford downtime when a machine malfunctions. So our technicians are a short distance away to troubleshoot and repair any of your equipment.

We travel regularly to the following areas
Eastern and Central Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire and Maine.

Solar Panels

The State of Massachusetts has established several solar-related incentive programs available to businesses and homeowners alike. The Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program provides rebates based on the size and other characteristics of the project. We assist each of our clients in applying for such rebates.

The sun’s energy is collected through a number of technologies: passive solar and solar thermal to heat air and hot water, and photovoltaics to generate electricity.

Passive Solar
Passive solar design refers to the absorption of sunlight through south-facing windows, using dark-colored, dense material.
Solar Thermal
Active solar thermal systems collect solar radiation to heat air and/or water for commercial, industrial or residential use. A pump in a solar hot water collector circulates the water which is warmed up and used to provide heat or hot water to the building.
Solar Voltaic
A solar photovoltaic module is an array of cells containing semiconductor materials that convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. Installations that include a solar PV system connected to the power grid will feed any excess electricity it produces into the grid and credited on your electricity account. Over the last 10 years, the installed cost of solar PV has dropped 30%.

Wind Turbines

Massachusetts’s goal is to install 2000 megawatts of wind energy by 2020 and to reach that goal, the state is providing a number of incentives for various size projects: community scale, microwind and commercial wind.

A single 1 MW turbine on land can provide enough electricity to power 225 to 300 households. A single 1 MW turbine in an offshore wind farm, where the wind blows harder and more consistently, can power more than 400 households.

For large rotating structures, wind turbines are surprisingly quiet. Noise impacts are regulated by municipalities as well as the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), and should not be a factor for wind projects.

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